• I become more fully human as I embrace the expectation that Jesus may come back at any moment.
  • Letting go of this great expectation makes me lethargic in my responsibilities, distracted from my priorities, and hurtful to the people I love.
  • There is work for me to do in this life and in the world to come.
  • Jesus is ready and able to forgive my failure, fill my emptiness, and freshen my soul.
  • I can trust that Jesus is coming back because he proved through his death and resurrection that he is trustworthy.
  • Dear Jesus, please forgive me for not living fully as a faithful servant. I have not said things and I have not done things that I should have and I have said things and done things that I shouldn’t have. I am hungry and I need you to feed me, to clean me, to save me and to help me live this year and all my life with the expectation that you are coming back at any moment.
Daniel Gilman

Daniel Gilman is a leadership coach for political staff in Canada’s Parliament. He is a speaker for Strength to Fight, helping men and women combat sexual exploitation; and a facilitator for Voice Found, equipping parents to protect children from sexual abuse. He has a Master’s in History examining the inspiration behind the movement to end the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, and a BA in Philosophy and History from the University of Ottawa. He has spoken in universities, churches and pubs in Canada, the United States, and Australia. Daniel is passionate about Instagram, working out, good food, coffee, and gelato. He previously served as the president of the Ice Cream Club, whose mandate was to find the best ice cream shops in town.

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