1. The “flesh” does not refer to the body.

  2. The Bible teaches that some things come in twos, but it never teaches dualism.

  3. The desire to be god has touched every aspect of what makes a human being a human being. The “flesh” refers to human nature in rebellion against God.

  4. The “flesh” exists very comfortably under religion - and under ‘no-religion”.

  5. The “flesh” over-desires.

  6. When I put my faith in Jesus Christ to save me, He does save me, and the Holy Spirit is bestowed upon me to indwell me.

  7. Walk by the Holy Spirit; be led by the Holy Spirit; live by the Holy Spirit; keep in step with the Holy Spirit.

  8. The Bible wants us to have an assurance that God saves, and it wants to warn us about the danger of complacency.

  9. The “works of the flesh” are radically different than “the fruit of the Holy Spirit”.

  10. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are not a sign of sanctification, the fruit of the Holy Spirit is the sign of sanctification.

  11. Sanctification is slow. It is measured in years not seconds


George Sinclair

George is the Lead Pastor at Church of the Messiah.

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