1. Jesus came to earth to save ordinary people who put their faith in Him. He calls each person by name to come to saving faith, know the truth, live a free and godly life, and begin to live with Him forever.

2. The true and living God made human beings to be a biological, psychological, social and spiritual unity as either male or female.

3. No human being can be free and whole if they base their identity in rebellion against God.

4. Saving grace is training grace for every day life.

5. The grace from God which saves, also trains us to live free, with others, for the glory of God.

6. Almighty God and Heavenly Father, please make me a disciple of Jesus gripped by the Gospel who humbly meditates upon what Your Word Written says about being a  _______ who lives for Your glory. (In the blank, put in “older man” or “older woman” or “younger woman” or “younger man” or “leader” as fits who you are.

George Sinclair

George is the Lead Pastor at Church of the Messiah.

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