1. We see people act, the Lord sees what is really and truly desired when we act.

2. The desire to be god can be nurtured (and hidden) in spirituality and religion.

3.The more I desire to be god, and the more that desire meets the real world, the angrier I get.

4. "Sin is crouching at the door, its desire is contrary to you, but you must rule over it."

5. For every human being, repentance is always an option.

6. Rage against God tempts one to kill the innocent and the inconvenient.

7. Self-pity is not repentance. Whining is not repentance. Regretting getting caught is not repentance. Managing negative consequences is not repentance. Fearing social exposure is not repentance. Making excuses is not repentance.

8. God offers real grace - common grace for all, and saving grace for all who ask with repentance and faith.

9. Cain choose "wandering away from God" to be his home - this is very human.

10. The shed blood of Abel cries out for justice - the shed blood of Jesus cries out that mercy has triumphed over justice.

11. Almighty God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who desires not the death of a sinner, but rather that we may turn from our wickedness and live; and has given power and commandment to His ministers to declare and pronounce to His people, being penitent, the absolution and remission of their sins: He pardons and absolves all them that truly repent and unfeignedly believe His holy gospel. Wherefore, let us beseech Him to grant us true repentance, and His Holy Spirit, that those things may please Him which we do at this present, and that the rest of our life hereafter may be pure and holy, so that at the last we may come to His eternal joy; through Jesus Christ our Lord, AMEN.


George Sinclair

George is the Lead Pastor at Church of the Messiah.

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