1. The cosmos was made for humanity and humanity was made for the cosmos.
  2. Humanity was created to be God's stewards, not to be self-appointed dictators and tyrants.
  3. Only "man" is created by God in His own image.
  4. From our beginning as a fertilized cell, and to our death, we bear God's image.
  5. God created only two biological sexes, each having its own gender.
  6. God did not only create man and woman; He also created the man to be male and the woman to be female.
  7. Man and woman are equally created in God's image and our complementarity is also in God's image.
  8. Human beings are not LEGO.
  9. We still bear the image of God, but it is bent and marred.
  10. Jesus is like an art restorer; He is not like a LEGO builder - and His disciples need to follow Him.
  11. Only The-Image-Itself can stand for all who are made in God's image. So Jesus' life and death can stand for me and you and every person, if we receive Him by faith as our Saviour and Lord.


George Sinclair

George is the Lead Pastor at Church of the Messiah.

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