1. Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male or female, when we put our faith in Jesus Christ as our Saviour, we become God's adopted son and full heir.
  2. In my natural state, I am immature, incompetent, dispossessed and a slave to elemental powers and spirits.
  3. The Gospel is the good news, that when I put my faith in the person and work of Jesus, I am redeemed from slavery and I am adopted as God's son and heir.
  4. Am I living like Cinderella with amnesia? Am I living as if I am a slave, and not the son who inherits fully?
  5. God's adoption of me as His son, with all of the rights and privileges of being His son, is just as certain, as the fact that I am pardoned and redeemed.
  6. So, am I living like I am half saved? Only pardoned, not adopted?
  7. Being God's son by adoption and grace is not a goal for a Christian, but a present and eternal reality.
  8. Because we are God's sons, He has sent the Spirit of His Son into the command centre of our lives, crying, "Abba! Father!
  9. "Come Holy Ghost my soul inspire, and lighten with celestial fire!"
George Sinclair

George is the Lead Pastor at Church of the Messiah.

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