1. God does not need a process or a timeline to create. He speaks, and what He wills is created, with all of its heights and depths, fine-tuned intricacy and "back-story". 

2. Mere matter and energy will never create life - or a home.

3. The choice: "Matter, pure chance, and cause-and-effect accounts for life, and the intricate, fine-tuned universe" OR "God designed and created life and the intricate, fine-tuned universe".

4. Image-bearer, know your Creator, the one, transcendent, omnipotent and good God who made the cosmos for your home.

5. Every claimant to be a rival to God is unmasked as a fraud.

6. Only God can create, so only He can re-create.

7. On the seventh day of creation, God said that His work was finished. On the Cross, God, the Son of God, said "It is finished". This is the Gospel.


George Sinclair

George is the Lead Pastor at Church of the Messiah.

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