1. The true and living God, self-revealed in the Bible, never, ever, ever lies.

2. When I receive the Gospel, I receive the grace-filled power from God which makes me right with Him, and leads me to start living right with Him and all that He has created.

3. God calls us so that we will come to saving faith, know the truth, live a godly life, and begin to live with Him forever.

4. We enter the Jesus Way one-by-one, but we walk the Jesus Way with Jesus and others.

5. Knowing true doctrine never gives anyone permission to be arrogant, quick tempered, brutal or aggressive.

6. Dear Lord, please help me! I flatter myself too much to detect or hate my own sin. Please bring Your word to bear on my heart that I might repent and amend my life. Please make me a disciple of Jesus gripped by the Gospel living for Your glory.

George Sinclair

George is the Lead Pastor at Church of the Messiah.

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