Knowing Jesus: John’s Intimate Biography

Jesus Truly Dies

John 19:16b-42

  1. John emphasizes that Jesus truly died.

  2. John emphasizes that Jesus’ death fulfilled many prophesies.

  3. John emphasizes that it was Jesus’ enemies who unwittingly acted to fulfill the prophesies about Jesus.

  4. If Jesus died and that is it. Life is just unredeemable tragedy.

  5. Those watching Jesus die saw the death of a problematic man. God wants us to know that we are really seeing fairy tale and myth become known fact.

  6. John tells us that it was Life, Love, and Light that created all things. When we turned from God, we turned away from God to death, hatred, indifference, and darkness. Jesus is God among us, not as a tourist, but as a substitute. So to deliver us, He bore our death, hatred, indifference and darkness on the cross.

George Sinclair

George is the Lead Pastor at Church of the Messiah.

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