Knowing God

God is Triune

July 4, 2021

  1. Jesus taught that there is only one God.

Mark 12:28-34

  1. Jesus taught that He is different from God the Father.

Luke 2: 48-50

Mark 14:32-36

Mark 15:33-34

  1. Jesus taught and showed that He is God, the Son of God.

John 14:28-31

3A. Jesus taught that He and God the Father had the same nature.

3B. Jesus did not pray for God to act, He acted as only God can.

Mark 1:25-26

Mark 1:41-42.

3C. Jesus forgave sins, but only God can forgive sins.

Mark 2:1-12

3D. God instituted the Sabbath and its rules, and Jesus claimed to be Lord of the Sabbath.

Mark. 2:27-28.

3E. Jesus acted as only God can act to still the storm.

Mark 4:39-41

3F. Under oath, Jesus claimed He would sit on God’s throne.

Mark 14:61-64

3G. Jesus accepted worship as He taught the truth of the Trinity.

Matthew 28:17-20.

  1. Only God can reveal Himself. Only God can provide the way to Himself.
George Sinclair

George is the Lead Pastor at Church of the Messiah.

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