1. In both the “natural” and the “supernatural” worlds, I reap what I sow.

2. If I sow like a miser, I will reap very little. The Gospel shapes me to sow generously, so as to reap bountifully.

3. We often live our day-to-day lives as if:

a) MONEY is HUGE but God is tiny.
b) Money is necessary but God is my hobby.
c) Money presses in on me but God can wait.
d) Money is present but God is absent.
e) Money does real things but God does not.

4. God enriches me, so I that will be generous, and give freely, so that He gets the glory.

5. Lord, I confess that I often live my life as if If money is huge and You are small; as if money is crucial and You are my hobby; as if I must deal with the demands of money first and You - whenever. Please forgive me and help me to die to these lies. Please grow in me a humble, trusting, and obedient knowing that You are big and money is small; that Your grace is huge and everything else is tiny. Please make me a disciple of Jesus who is gripped by the Gospel and learning to live a life of disciplined generosity to Your glory and praise.

A) Give at the front end of your pay, not at the back end of what’s left the day before payday.

B) Give money as regularly as you receive money.

C) Pray your way to giving 10% of your income to Gospel ministry.

George Sinclair

George is the Lead Pastor at Church of the Messiah.

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