1. By faith, I enter a relationship with God and humbly share His identity.
  2. In my pride, I enter a relationship with God to have my wishes and desires granted.
  3. It's easy to blame God when bad things happen, and uncomfortable to thank God when good things happen.
  4. The name of Jesus is above every name in heaven and on earth. He subdued the old Creation to make all things new.


Jonathan Camiré

Jonathan Camiré grew up in Ottawa. During his post-secondary studies in music at McGill, he unexpectedly met Jesus who saved him and brought a deep change in his life. After his studies in Montreal, Jonathan moved back to Ottawa where he got involved with MoveIn ministry in Lowertown. He also used his musical abilities on the French horn in recording with Christian artists such as Héritage Musique and Joey McNitt.

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