1. Murder is the act of killing a human being for personal and illegitimate reasons; the fruit of a heart that withholds forgiveness and harbours anger.
  2. Murder is an attempt to assumed God's role as Lord and Giver of life.
  3. Abortion is the intentional and deliberate killing of a whole, distinct and living pre-born human being.
  4. Death is the emblem of human rebellion against God. To side with death is to side against God, who creates and sustains life.
  5. Our worth is not measured by our interests, abilities, knowledge, success or relationships, but by the costly death of Christ on the cross


Jonathan Camiré

Jonathan Camiré has been an Artizo Ministry Intern with Church of the Messiah since 2016. He currently studies at Ryle Seminary in Ottawa and volunteers for The Gospel Coalition Canada. Jonathan leads an apologetics ministry called Learner’s Exchange where they equip Christians to be effective ministers in various areas of life. He is also passionate for discipleship, preaching and seeing artists use their gifts for God’s Kingdom. He is a French horn recorded artist and a frequent French horn teacher in Ottawa. He is married to his wise, encouraging and godly wife, Renée.

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