Judges: Messy People, Faithful God

Big Mess, Bigger Grace

Judges 10:6-12:7

  1. In true and wise repentance, you are sorry for the wrong that you have done, not the personal consequences of wrongdoing.

  2. In true and wise repentance, you put away the sin, and replace it with the good.

  3. Doing what is evil is never acceptable worship in the eyes of the Triune God.

  4. The Lord delivers Israel despite Jephthah’s vow, not because of his vow.

  5. Two things the fallen mind believes. A. “First be good, then be heard, then be one (with “god”). B. The world is divided between good people and bad people.

  6. Every human being is a bent treasure who wears a crown.

  7. Religion does not work. But there is a power from the Triune God that is pure grace and is offered to the undeserving as a gift. When received by faith in Jesus, God makes: the dead alive, the blind have light, the shameful have honour, the slave free, the condemned acquitted, the lost saved, the poor rich, the alone adopted, the impure pure, the sinful righteous, the doomed possess a sure hope, the far off brought near, the hostile reconciled, the guilty forgiven, the demonized filled with the Holy Spirit, the loveless loved, the dweller in the domain of darkness transferred to dwell as a citizen in the Kingdom of the Beloved Son.

George Sinclair

George is the Lead Pastor at Church of the Messiah.

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