Letter From a Roman Jail: Ephesians

A True and Greater Inclusion

Ephesians 2:11-22.

  1. The root cause of your enmity is your unrecognized enmity towards the true and living God who created and sustains all things.

  2. The more you seek to ascend to God or be like God, the more division and enmity you cause. The more you rest in God’s descent to the cross to bring you to Himself in peace, the more that division and hostility withers and wanes.

  3. The Triune God, acted in harmony to deliver ordinary human beings like you and me who were at enmity with Him, with others, and with ourselves.

  4. In Christ, you go from being a stranger to His Kingdom, to being a citizen in His Kingdom. In Christ, you go from being outside His household, to being His precious child in His household. In Christ, you go from sliding towards death, to being a living stone in the Temple He is building and in which He dwells.

  5. If my Lord and Saviour acted to bring an end to enmity, then gripped by the Gospel, so will I.

George Sinclair

George is the Lead Pastor at Church of the Messiah.

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