Knowing Jesus: John’s Intimate Biography

Optimism, Pessimism or Christian Hope

John 17:20-26

  1. Righteous Father, please grow in me a humble confidence in the trustworthiness and truthfulness of Your word, and a competence to bear clear witness about Jesus.

  2. Jesus became one with you to make you right with God. By faith in Him, you become one with Him, and are made right with God.

  3. The believers union with the Godhead, forms a unity among believers, that bears witness to the Lord Jesus, to the ends of the world.

  4. Righteous Father, please grow in all true Christians deep bonds of affection, and partnership in mission, so that every people group will know that Jesus loves them and died to save them.

  5. Righteous Father, please grip me with the Gospel, and so free and heal my heart, that day by day I will feed on the sure and certain hope that I will behold and enter into the eternal weight of glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

George Sinclair

George is the Lead Pastor at Church of the Messiah.

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