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1. In truth, you do not seek God, He seeks you.

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2. Worship is not mere singing or church services - it is living life in God's presence, acknowledging Him; acclaiming Him; assenting to His will; acting for His glory.

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3."Worship in spirit and truth" means that what I say to God and do for God comes honestly from my depths, the "command centre" of my mind, will, emotions and desires.

4. In the Bible, to know the truth is to know what is real, independent of my desires and my imagination.

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5. When I receive the Gospel, Jesus saves me, and I enter into "the way" where my life will have true meaning and significance.

6. Lord, help me to live each day, as Your labourer, working in Your field, bringing in Your Harvest, for Your glory, and for the true good of Your world.

George Sinclair

George is the Lead Pastor at Church of the Messiah.

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