1. Luke tells the true story of Jesus, body and soul, being taken into Heaven.

n.b.1 If God is on our side, everyone else is godless and worthy of death.

2. One powerful act of grace by One Person, to redeem every person who receives Him by faith alone.

3. The human person, body and soul, matters to God, so the person, body and soul, should matter to God’s redeemed people.

n.b.2 Most of the Big Things in my life do not love me.

4. The real, true, living Lord of costly love is vastly bigger than any big thing I face.

Lord, I confess that I live my life as if You are small and most other things in my life are big. Please make me a disciple of Jesus gripped by the Gospel living for Your glory. Please grow in me a deep, humble, habit of being and habit of action where You are Big and every thing I face is small.

George Sinclair

George is the Lead Pastor at Church of the Messiah.

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